Creating a Workplace Wellness Program


SKILLED was employed to develop a tailored health and wellbeing program for a large Mobile Plant Operators workforce in order to decrease absenteeism and improve productivity.

The Challenge

SKILLED is currently responsible for recruiting, training and managing the Permanent Mobile Plant Operator Workforce on behalf of our client. In 2011 SKILLED identified an increase in illness and absenteeism within the workforce. SKILLED was responsible for analysing the key issues surrounding the increase and addressing them.

The Solution

SKILLED undertook a detailed analysis of the workforce and found a clear correlation between absenteeism and employee disengagement that was in turn affecting retention, work attitude and work/life culture.

SKILLED engaged Working Life to facilitate a health and wellness program that targeted the lifestyle, nutrition and fitness of the workforce, which aimed to improve their morale, participation and work/life balance.

The program was fully supported by an Exercise Physiologist and ongoing medical support was provided by various GP’s. The Site Leadership Team Supervisors were also provided training in behaviour-oriented questioning and managing unplanned absences.

The short-term goal of the project was to decrease illness notifications by 20%, increasing to and see 30% long term.

The Results

SKILLED exceeded the initial target delivering a 22% reduction in illness notifications in the first month of the program. The success of the program continued month by month and by May 2012 illness notifications were down 58%.

The health and wellness program received a positive reception from employees and in October 2011 participation reached 37%. SKILLED achieved and exceeded its initial targets, resulting in a positive impact across the site.  Our client and the entire workforce, benefitted from the reduction in notifications, improved health and wellbeing as well as increased morale, retention and productivity.

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