FIFO Services for a rail track operator


SKILLED has supplied a leading Australian rail track operator with Fitters and Electricians for the maintenance & servicing of their Rail Track Grinding machine since September 2009. SKILLED is required to provide workers to repair tracks Australia-wide in an effort to extend track-life and minimise costly replacement works.

The Challenge

For the Rail Industry, finding high calibre and fully certified Rail Fitters and Electricians is a difficult challenge. The specialist training and certifications needed to work in these specialist fields mean that qualified operators are few and far between. Further to this, the rail network extends across vast and remote areas of Australia, which means workers must cover very large distances and work across multiple states. To address these challenges, SKILLED utilises its established Fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) capability to meet labour requirements all across Australia.

The Solution

SKILLED employees work in small onsite teams in servicing or maintenance roles across day and night shifts. We complete a Workplace Risk Assessment at the Depot site, and utilise its national footprint across regional and remote Australia to complete other safety interactions closer to site.

In order to meet our client’s requirements, we mobilised our resources to the locations where their skill sets are most needed.

SKILLED keeps in regular contact with client representatives to ensure they are satisfied with our performance.

The Results

SKILLED has been able to fill 100% of order requests by utilising existing resources in our database and advertising specifically when required. SKILLED provides each candidate with a realistic job preview, as the conditions can be hard on site.

Employee tenure on site has been excellent, with the last recruitment drive in May 2012. Five out of seven employees are still currently with our client and we have one employee who has been with them since October 2011. This is a strong result given the nature of the work involved.

Our client relies on SKILLED’s national capability to service their requirements, while, our truly national employee database and FIFO capability allows us to widen the candidate pool. The benefit to our client is that no matter where SKILLED employees are working there is a SKILLED branch and team nearby if assistance is required.

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