Rapid recruitment for a global manufacturer


SKILLED worked with a global pharmaceutical manufacturer to recruit a workforce of poppy pickers and organise field inductions, specialised Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and restroom facilities to enhance safety and productivity on the field.

The Challenge

Rapid volume recruitment was the primary challenge for SKILLED in supporting this global pharmaceutical giant. In addition, providing and maintaining appropriate workforce levels through the peaks and troughs of our client’s annual program also had its challenges. Through extensive planning and by applying our stringent recruitment processes SKILLED ensured we could meet the challenge to deliver the right resources at the right time for our client.

The Solution

SKILLED commenced workforce planning 6-8 weeks prior to start of each poppy picking season to establish required employee numbers. We conducted targeted recruitment to engage workers with the required skills sets for each classification.

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and additional facilities for the field workers were organised at least two weeks prior to the start of the picking season, to ensure that work commenced as soon as required.

Site-specific and safety inductions were carried out for day one, with further inductions held on an ongoing basis. SKILLED provided our client with weekly progress reports on productivity. Work satisfaction was also monitored at the end of the season.  This provided us with an opportunity to identify employees who showed a willingness to re-engage on the project the following season.

The Results

Through our close supervision and hands-on management of the process and pickers, picking has always been completed on time and to the full satisfaction of our client, adhering to the highest levels of safety at all times.

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