Transitioning 200 contractors to SKILLED


SKILLED successfully transitioned approximately 200 contractors previously provided by another labour supplier, to our client in the water infrastructure sector.

The Challenge

SKILLED was required to develop a stringent and effective transition plan in order to successfully transition the employees and meet KPIs.

The Solution

SKILLED and our client met to detail each stage of the process of the transition.

We established clear communication channels and deliverables between SKILLED and key stakeholders throughout the transition process and prepared a detailed plan to inform and guide the transition.

SKILLED’s transition plan included 5 key steps;

1. Stakeholder Management

Considerable resources were to be dedicated by SKILLED to the planning and execution of the transition processes. Ensuring all requirements and key concerns of a range of stakeholder groups were considered.

Consultation with key members of each stakeholder group took place throughout the contract implementation period.

2. Screening and Evaluation of Transitioning Workforce

SKILLED ensured all transitioning employees successfully completed the range of assessments and tests that form part of our standard recruitment process.

This provided our client with a “baseline” evaluation of its temporary workforce and is a standard service that forms part of our overall approach to contract implementation.

3. Involvement of our Client in Transition Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Successful contract implementation depended largely on our ability to identify, plan for, and manage through each of the key risks associated with the change to a new contractual arrangement between our client and SKILLED.

As part of our standard process, our Transition Team conducted a comprehensive Risk Assessment encompassing each of the key stakeholder groups involved in transition.  This process took place in conjunction with corporate representatives of the client, with both short-term and long-term risks identified and consolidated into the following broad categories:

Culture and Reputation  - ensuring alignment between the values and core business behaviours of our client and SKILLED

Operations – including core recruitment and workforce management processes, OHSE and Industrial Relations

Infrastructure and Technology – including core business systems, IT hardware, office accommodation.

Risks were registered in the Implementation Plan and a detailed risk mitigation action plan developed to address each risk.  The action plan included clearly defined milestones and allocation of responsibilities.

4. Maintaining open lines of communication with our Client

The development and implementation of an overarching communication plan was a critical element of the implementation process.  Communication activities included: One-on-one meetings with individual stakeholders identified as being key influencers or decision makers

  • Formal and informal group information sessions
  • Training on new processes and procedures
  • Participation in local community events
  • Direct mail / email
  • Targeted public relations campaign (if required).
  • The communication plan ensured consistent messages and information, tailored to the specific needs and concerns of each stakeholder group were being delivered in a timely and effective manner.

5. Accuracy of Pay Rates and Conditions

We appreciate the importance of ensuring pay rates and conditions are correct during the transition process and have managed many transitions where it has been apparent that employees have not been paid correctly in the past; some cases overpaid and other cases underpaid.

Our Industrial Relations Department worked with our client at the time the business was transition to ensure legal compliance by all parties.

The Results

By carefully following the transition plan and communicating effectively with the client, we ensured that all 200 employees were successfully transitioned to SKILLED. Our plan ensured that all compliance audits were executed and KPIs were achieved.

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