Indigenous Employment

SKILLED Employee smiling on site

SKILLED acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work.

SKILLED is committed to providing Indigenous people with sustainable employment opportunities. This is in support of the Commonwealth Government’s national priority to halve the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and recognise the importance of work for individual and community wellbeing.

Through our specialised Indigenous Employment Program, SKILLED works to provide training and employment opportunities that assist Indigenous people in gaining relevant skills and work experiences that equip them for a lifetime of employment. Our training programs are aligned with the skills requirements of our clients, ensuring that we are able to readily provide trained Indigenous employees to our clients, through a wide range of courses from forklift licensing through to formal traineeship and apprenticeships.

Our specialised Indigenous employment team provides vocational care to Indigenous employees throughout all stages of their employment, from the recruitment process to successful completion of training and on-the-job mentoring. This high level of support ensures high levels of workplace attendance and retention.

Creating sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous people

Our work to successfully provide ongoing Indigenous employment outcomes has been recognised through our appointment for an additional term as a provider for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Indigenous Advisory Board to support their Indigenous Employment Program.

In 2009 SKILLED signed an agreement with Generation One to secure 50,000 jobs for Indigenous people. In our first three years as signatories, SKILLED committed to providing employment for 500 Indigenous people. We exceeded the target by December 2011 with the creation of work opportunities for over 700 Indigenous employees and we have proudly recommitted to an increased target of 1000 Indigenous employees.

Watch our Employee Stories video produced in collaboration with Generation One which profiles the employment experiences of SKILLED Indigenous trainees in their own words and clearly demonstrates the benefits of work experience on their overall wellbeing.

In addition, SKILLED and the OMS Alliance JV received the Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) Indigenous Employment and Retention Award for 2012, which recognises an organisation for implementing training and employment initiatives that have resulted in the successful engagement of Indigenous employees.

SKILLED works closely with our clients to source Indigenous employees from all over the country. SKILLED is involved in recruiting substantial Indigenous workforces for our mining clients (up to 20% of total workforce) and undertakes regular recruitment drives to maintain a strong pool of candidates.

Our Indigenous Employment Team

SKILLED engages a full-time Indigenous Employment Manager who works closely with our clients to increase Indigenous participation across our national workforce.

Key SKILLED staff members are trained in cross-cultural awareness and have completed courses in coaching and mentoring of Indigenous employees. The training aims to provide our staff with invaluable understanding and insight into Indigenous culture and the challenges Indigenous candidates face in training and employment.

Training and development schemes for Indigenous advancement

Working with Clontarf Foundation

The Clontarf Foundation aims to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem and employment prospects for young Indigenous men. Football is used to attract teenaged Indigenous youth to school and keep them there. An important part of the Clontarf program is to provide students with opportunities to interact with new people and practice their social skills. SKILLED works closely with the Clontarf Foundation to provide these opportunities and help encourage Indigenous youth to think about future employment.

Working with Yalari

SKILLED has signed a partnership agreement with Yalari, a not-for-profit company which is dedicated to creating a national network of educational opportunities for Indigenous children. Through this partnership, SKILLED will provide support to an Indigenous student commencing secondary education this year to completion (Year 7 to Year 12). We are currently supporting an 11 year old student from Victoria attending Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne.

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