Upskill Your Workforce

SKILLED is committed to building the workforce of the future through fully-managed training and apprenticeship programs and a range of short courses that will enrich your workforce and help you overcome skills shortages.

Over the past 10 years, we have overseen the recruitment, training and management of nearly 7,500 apprentices and trainees across a diverse range of industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, engineering, customer contact, business and administration, civil construction and health services. In addition, 13,000 individuals develop their skills each year by participating in one of our short courses.

As a result, SKILLED has a profound understanding of the challenges, benefits and best practices surrounding apprenticeships, traineeships and training, and how to leverage them to benefit your workforces.

How SKILLED works with you

SKILLED Group Training Services can tailor an apprenticeship or traineeship program to suit your needs and manage the process end-to-end; from employment, training, payroll, superannuation and workcover to performance management and issue resolution.

Our apprenticeship and trainee programs provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Significant cost-savings associated with employee attraction, rehiring and retraining
  • Expansion of workforce skills and improved staff retention to meet current and future business requirements
  • No obligation to provide employment at the end of the training contract
  • A dedicated apprenticeship/traineeship field officer throughout the period of the placement
  • Replacement of apprentice or trainee with another if you are not satisfied
  • No legal and administrative requirements as with direct employment
  • Flexibility with part-time options available
  • Working with specialists in workforce management and industrial relations

SKILLED can also work on your behalf to access funding or incentives available from the state or national government to support your efforts to up-skill staff.

Where it is not possible for apprentices and trainees to be employed by our clients at the end of their apprenticeship or traineeship, SKILLED Group can offer them a variety of employment and career opportunities in a number of locations across Australia.

What makes us different?

The SKILLED mentoring, coaching and pastoral care program develops an “all-rounder”, which means our trainees and apprentices contribute to our clients’ workplaces from the day they start on the job, while successfully building the skills and qualifications they need to become valued employees for life.

Trainees and apprentices are assigned a dedicated trainee/apprenticeship field officer for the duration of their employment and training period, significantly assisting with high completion rates and ongoing employment.

SKILLED has the ability to continue to develop individuals and workforces beyond their initial traineeship period through the provision of short course training programs that deliver essential skills upgrades as people and their roles develop.

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