Training and Apprenticeships

Training New Dump Truck Operators


In April 2010, SKILLED was engaged to train new Dump Truck Operators (DTO’s) in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Our training programs have helped new employees become operational in the production process more rapidly while reducing costs.

The Challenge

SKILLED was responsible for implementing the TESA Mine Training Program (MTP) and the TESA Mine Preparation Program (MPP) for all new-starters.

MTP is a one week, off-site Dump Truck Operator program for new entrants to the Mining Industry.

MPP is a four week on-the-job training program where new-starters are introduced to Mine Site Dump Truck Operations via a “buddy” program. The MPP trains new-comers with the vision of supplying the mining industry with skilled labour for the future.

Each participant is issued a statement of attainment for qualifications completed under Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations.

The Solution

SKILLED played a vital role in the training of new DTO’s by:

  • Advertising, pre-screening, recruiting and engaging candidates
  • Arranging for Coal Board Medical Assessments
  • Providing resources for the completion of MTP and MPP courses
  • Conducting Mine Site Inductions and Site Familiarisation programs
  • Rostering new employees to meet the requirements of the MPP
  • Coordinating and managing the four-week MPP
  • Conducting daily assessments of training needs
  • Providing regular performance reviews
  • Recruiting independent Cert IV Trainers and Assessors to validate the operational competency of new entrants 

The Results

Over the past 3 years SKILLED has delivered 40 new-starters to our client’s site via the MTP and MPP programs. All 40 employees were successful in attaining their qualifications and continued to work at the site after the completion of their training programs.

The MTP and MPP programs are structured to effectively, rapidly and safely up-skill new entrants to the mining industry with low risk and a significantly reduced cost to the client.

The MTP and MPP programs have helped our client get new employees operational in the production process faster, while ensuring the mining industry is supplied with skilled workers for the future.

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