Our Approach to Safety

At SKILLED, we believe that safer people create safer workplaces. Our industry-leading SKILLED SAFE system delivers safer people and worksites for our clients and employees.

We start by finding the right people for the right job, and then protect them with the right equipment, the right knowledge, and ongoing support that allows them to work safely on our clients’ sites every day.

SKILLED SAFE finds, protects and supports safer people, here's how:



Our pre-employment screening weeds out unsafe workers. The 18,000 individuals working for SKILLED every day have made it through our rigorous selection process including in FY2013:

  • 100,000 screening interviews
  • 60,000 reference checks
  • 30,000 full behavioural interviews or assessment centres
  • 25,000 Flex-Screen™ tests
  • 10,000 drug and alcohol tests
  • 3,000 full medicals to meet client needs


SKILLED SAFE induction and training protects and equips our employees to start work safely with:

  • Over 2,750 detailed Workplace Risk Assessments each year identify and reduce risks and match the right person to the job
  • The right PPE identified for every job, every time
  • Safety Inductions for every employee and we're licensed to deliver inductions for mining clients
  • Safety Golden Rules training on the 5 key workplace risks and 5 key defences
  • “Arrive alive” Safe-driving campaign delivered to 100,000 employees since its launch
  • The first AS4801 certified system in our industry


SKILLED SAFE ensures our employees work safely in your workplace every day with:

  • The most active onsite engagement in the industry – we’re leading our employees to work safely
  • 60,000 on-site safety interactions per annum including safety observations, talks and interviews
  • Staff bonuses linked to getting ‘boots on ground’ in the workplace
  • “TAKE 5” program and a hazard hotline
  • Unrivalled ability to assist and support injured workers and facilitate return to work
  • Ability to drive continuous improvement in the workplace with staff trained in root-cause analysis skills for the most sophisticated investigations

Safer people, safer worksites

We believe that every employee should return home in the same condition in which they left for work. SKILLED SAFE delivers:

  • Workers who arrive at your site ready to work safely
  • Worker support on site – none of the “set and forget” attitude common in labour hire
  • Enhanced safety in your workplace by adding a second “set of eyes” reviewing, challenging and delivering safety
  • The confidence of being backed by the highest level of self-insurance in the industry
  • Proven ability to perform to the highest safety standards with 52% of our work in challenging Mining and Oil & Gas environments
  • Access to the most current safety knowledge by having employees on more sites than any other labour supplier in Australia
  • Risk reduction and an ongoing commitment to keeping all workers safe

Read a case study about how our SKILLED SAFE system helped us in addressing safety issues in FMCG.